Keyword Research

Building a successful Etsy business requires more than a great set of products. Perhaps one of the most overlooked components to selling on Etsy is keyword research.

Keyword research is quite possibly one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities any Etsy seller can do. Ranking for the right keywords means getting the right eyes on your products. The first step though, is figuring out which keywords the people who would want to buy your product, are typing in the search box.

Remember, it is not simply about getting traffic to your listings. It is about getting the right traffic to your listings. Here’s a simple hypothetical example: imagine you are selling a t-shirt that has a seashell on it. You rank #1 on Etsy for the search term seashell. But what if 95% of the people searching for seashells on Etsy are looking for actual seashells? Does this traffic really help you? Some may be surprised to hear that it can actually hurt you, due to Etsy’s highly advanced search algorithm. On the contrary, the term “beach t-shirt” might be far more relevant, and drive traffic that actually converts to sales.

There are a large number of free tools available to help with Etsy keyword research including Etsy search, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and others. Get in touch with Commerce Wiz today to develop a rapid-growth keyword research strategy!